Dispense guns, water storage tanks, water guards, conductivity meters or printers - Pure Lab Solutions offers a broad range of accessories to assist your daily work with the arium® lab water system.


arium® Multifunction Stand (H2O-ADD)

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The multifunction stand combines the convenience of a display mounting stand and the flexibility of a remote dispense gun, enabling on-demand pure water dispension. Designed for facilities that source water directly from city sources

arium® Pro Height Adjustable Dispenser Gun (H2OPro-AMDG1/G1)

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This ergonomic dispensing unit can be used for dispensing both pure and ultrapure water within up to 8.2 ft work area. The unit is available in benchtop or as a wall-mounted system. The height-adjustable stand enables optimal adjustment to different sampling chamber sizes.


FILTER: Sartopore 150 Filter 0.2µm


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Membrane Filter Capsule specially developed for applications in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Filter type: Filter Capsules, Sterile

Specifications: 0.015 m² filtration area, ptfe ventilation < 1cfu/1000 mL, Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane

Ordering: Size 4, 5pk  (ordering # 5441307H4-CE-B)

FILTER: Ultrafilter for arium® pro 611CDU5

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Disposable, self-contained, auto back-flushed ultrafilter designed for the arium® UF. This ultrafilter removes Rnase, Dnase, bacteria and particles from ultrapure water with a resistivity of up to 18.2 Megohms x cm at 25°C. 

Filter type: Hollow Fiber Ultrafilter

Specifications: Polysulfone membrane, Polyurethane (PUR) potting, Polycarbonate (PC) housing and caps, Polypropylene (PC) sterile plugs, Effective membrane area: 2.1 m²

CARTRIDGE: arium® Analytical Kit H2O-A-PACK

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Designed for arium® VF & UV ultrapure water systems, this cartridge set includes two (2) water purification cartridges: one prefilter cartridge and one polishing cartridge.

Cartridge Specifications: Virgin polypropylene housing, Stainless steel screws, 

Purification media Specifications: Spherical catalytical, activated carbons, semiconductor-grade ultrapure mixed bed ion exchange resin.

LAMP: Ultraviolet Lamp for arium® pro 611CEL1

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This UV lamp is designed for efficient horizontal installation. Compatible with all arium® pro systems.

Specifications: 185/254 nm, 2ppb

arium® surpasses ASTM requirements with PVDF tubing and highest TOC feed water allowance.