Sartorius arium® Lab Water Systems are designed to meet and exceed, your needs for process reliability, ease of use and cost efficiency in research and analytical laboratories.

arium®  makes your daily lab operations more reliable, easier and faster. Built-in flexibility and scalability allow arium® to seamlessly integrate into your existing laboratory environment and to deliver significant cost savings initially and over the long term.

All our water purification systems come in 3  space-saving installation options: (1) wall mounted,  (2) benchtop, and (3) under-the counter units.

arium® Advance RO

At the heart of arium® Advanced RO is our innovative iJust software that automatically optimizes water consumption. The system features unique touchscreen display and intuitive navigation, which  makes it a breeze to deploy and use.

  • output: Type 3 reverse osmosis water
  • flow rate: 16 l/h, constant flow
  • automatic RO membrane backflush


General Laboratory (feed water for glassware machines, autoclaves, and humidifiers, and ultrapure water systems; steam generation).

arium® Pro

Water purification for facilities that source pretreated water from onsite sources

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arium® Comfort Combined System

arium® Comfort Combined System combined pure and ultrapure water systems.

Our Intelligent iJust software makes the best use of your water resources by enhancing the quality of purified water, reduces your water usage, and calculates the optimal cleaning cycles for the system

arium® Comfort I

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Water purification for facilities that source water directly from city sources. This system produces Type 3 and ASTM Type 1 water in a small footprint.

Pure water produced by arium® comfort I is stored in the unique, closed arium® bagtank system, which reliably protects your purified water from secondary contamination. This ensures that you consistently obtain the best water quality and, therefore, reproducible results.


  • HPLC
  • Ion chromatography
  • TOC-Analysis
  • Photometry
  • Pure water for preparation of buffers and pH solutions
  • Purification of feed water used to supply ultrapure water systems
  • Rinsing glassware and laboratory vessels
  • Purification of feed water for various laboratory instruments, such as humidifiers, autoclaves and glassware dishwashers

Systems offered: H2O-I-2-TOC-B (bottom display for wall-mounted installation), H2O-I-2-TOC-D (under the cabinet system), H2O-I-2-TOC-T (top display for benchtop systems)

arium® Comfort II systems

The arium® comfort II is a combined system for producing ASTM Type 1 ultrapure water and Type 2 pure water

Systems offered: H2O-II-2-TOC-B, H2O-II-2-TOC-D, H2O-II-2-TOC-T

Our water purification systems are grouped according to three performance levels : arium® advance (RO), arium® comfort, and arium® pro. Whichever version you choose, arium® will deliver the highest water quality, guaranteeing the best, reproducible results.